Case conferences

Child protection conferences will be called for all children who have been the subject of a child protection investigation for whom there remains suspicions that the child has suffered or is at risk of suffering significant harm, and there remain unresolved child protection issues.

An initial case conference will consider not only the needs of the child of enquiry but also of the needs of other children in the household and any risk or welfare issue applicable to them.

The initial child protection case conference brings together family members, the child (where appropriate) and those professionals most involved with the child and family, such as teachers, health visitors, social workers and the police.

What will happen at the conference?

The purpose of an initial conference is to:

  • Collate and analyse the information about the child’s health, development and functioning and the parent’s capacity to protect and promote the child’s health and development
  • Determine the risk of the child suffering future significant harm
  • Decide on the need for registration
  • Identify a care manager where registration is agreed
  • Agree a child protection outline plan and its intended outcome.


Legal Aid is always available for parents in these cases and anyone else who holds parental responsibility (anyone with an order saying the child should live with them usually has parental responsibility).  Sometimes legal aid is also available for family members/carers even if they don’t have parental responsibility, but this will depend on various things including their income.

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