Financial Remedies

When a marriage or civil partnership comes to an end it is vital to sort out your financial arrangements. If matters are not finalised legally, it may store up problems for later on; you or your ex partner’s claims may continue until either of you remarry or die. Separating couples and civil partners are able to ask the court for a number of financial ‘remedies’ from the other partner. These could include maintenance payments, lump sums, property assets, pensions or trust arrangements. Most cases can be settled by agreement without the need to go to court. At DS Legal we have a huge wealth of experience in dealing with all nature of financial remedies and we can advise you on the realistic options and help you ensure that your case is resolved fairly.

When Agreement cannot be reached

When agreement can not be reached or where the parties feel they do not have a clear understanding or knowledge of each other’s financial assets and arrangements, then either party can apply to the court to reach an agreement. DS Legal’s team will guide you through all the main stages involved in applying for financial remedies and all the court proceedings. We will work with you to get the outcome you want.

Can we help you?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of financial remedies, please call us now on 01242 517949, 01792 892692 or 01993 220651  and ask to speak to Colleen or Mark. Alternatively, please email us at We’re here to help.

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