Our costs

At DS Legal we deliver a first-class, bespoke service for our clients at affordable prices.

We offer a range of financial packages to suit most budgets. These range from:-

-Assessing a client’s eligibility for legal aid;

РTo providing one off legal advice for a fixed fee of £200 plus VAT (20%);

-Providing a pay as you go service, which will allow you to dip in and out of legal advice. We provide legal advice and assistance when you require it, allowing you to remain in control of your case;

-Our most up to date hourly rate is set out in our terms and conditions.


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Privacy Warning

During these uncertain times we continue full service. We would ask however that this is done via telephone and we will seek to arrange any hearings by telephone and or skype. Due to staff shortages our office hours during this difficult times will be 09.30am till 4pm.