Civil Partnerships

Significant changes to the legal status of same-sex relationships have taken place in recent years. This includes the Civil Partnership Act 2004, which gave same sex relationships the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples, and also gives them the same financial rights during their lifetime and on death. From 10 December 2014, couples who registered their civil partnership in England and Wales can convert their civil partnership into a marriage.

Legal advice for same-sex couples

Our specialist legal team at DS Legal has the experience and expertise to deal with all legal issues surrounding same-sex couples and civil partnerships.

Civil partnerships

Our team of specialists have expertise in both advising on civil partnership agreements as well as advising couples following the breakdown of their civil partnership. A limited number of courts across the UK can deal with the dissolution of civil partnerships and specialist advice should be sought. If your relationship has broken down you can start proceedings for a judicial separation, annulment or dissolution. The process for these is quite similar to that of divorce. For example, the same grounds for an application exist in both divorce proceedings and civil partnership dissolution proceedings, except adultery.


Uncontested dissolution when acting for the petitioner at £600 plus  vat plus disbursement, the disbursement is likely to be the issue fee of £593.00.

Uncontested dissolution when acting for the respondent at  £400 plus vat and disbursements (court issue fee)

Drafting financial consent orders where an agreement is in place, £600 plus vat plus and disbursements (court issue fee)

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At DS Legal our team offers the full range of legal services for lesbians and gay men; as well as cases involving civil partnerships, we advise on parenting issues, adoption and surrogacy, co-parenting arrangements, IVF procedures and sperm donation cases. If you need any specialist legal advice of this nature, please call  on 01242 517949, 01792 892692 or 01993 220651 or email us at

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