Divorce & Separation

At DS Legal we understand the concerns you may have when your relationship has broken down. You may be unsure of your entitlement of how you are going to pay for specialist legal advice. We understand that costs may be a concern so please speak to us; our experts are on hand to provide you with clear and practical advice about funding your divorce

Paying for the advice you need

There are many ways that you can fund your divorce. Here are a few options:

  • We offer a fixed fee service in the following  circumstances:-
  • Uncontested divorces when acting for the petitioner at £600 plus  vat plus disbursements
  • Uncontested divorce when acting for the respondent at  £400 plus vat and disbursements
  • Drafting financial  consent orders where an agreement is in place, £600 plus vat plus and disbursements (court issue fee)
  • Fixed fee financial packages over a staged period starting £1800 plus vat plus disbursements
  • Pay as you go Some of our clients, either cannot or prefer not to engage us on the usual retainer basis. Please click on the do it yourself package tab for more details
  • Flexible Hourly Rate Alternatively we will seek to offer you a favourable hourly rate  which is less than our terms and conditions.

Ways to fund your divorce 

  • Fixed fee package
  • Seared tooth agreement This is where you enter into an agreement with your solicitor and you assign a portion of your eventual financial settlement to cover the solicitor’s fees and any disbursements, like court fees and barrister fees etc. Your solicitor will only get paid at the end of the case
  • Your spouse/partner or ex spouse/partner.  There are circumstances when your spouse or partner will or can be ordered by the court to assist with your legal costs. Such an application first requires you to apply for external usually from one or two potential lenders. Only when that is refused can you proceed with the application to court. If successful, the order could provide for a substantial monthly income payment, which could also be backdated to cover all legal fees.
  • The bank.  Some banks will lend money to cover the costs of a divorce.  The bank will usually require an irrevocable undertaking from the solicitor and the client to ensure that on payment, their debt will be paid. The solicitor’s bills will then usually be paid monthly, by the bank, after you confirm to the bank that payment should be made.
  • Use of joint funds/assets. Bank accounts in joint and sole names will rarely pay any meaningful rate of interest at the moment, so the loss of any interest is a negligible cost. This might be a good source of funding and will be taken into account in the schedule of assets and liabilities.

Can we help you?

If you would like to discuss funding options with us, then please do not hesitate to call Colleen on 01242 517949 or 01792 892692. Alternatively, please email us at enquiries@ds-legal.co.uk. We’re here to help.

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