‘Do-it-yourself’ package

You may have come to the decision that you need legal advice, but you do not want or need a full-time lawyer.  You want advice and guidance, but you do not want large bills or someone taking control of your case.  At DS Legal we have designed a service to lower the cost of legal advice by only providing you with essential legal support as and when you need it.  You can simply ‘dip in and out’ of our service according to your needs.

How does our ‘do-it-yourself’ package work?

1. You do it yourself

You take and keep control of your case.  You act ‘in person’, which means that you are the first point of contact.  You write the letters, make the phone calls and deal with the procedures.  You have complete control over the way you run your case.

2. You call us if you need help

If you wish to manage your own divorce, you may want help with drafting court papers accurately or need advice on how to serve or respond to the petition.  We can help and advise and even draft key documents like statements or applications.  You just ‘dip in and out’ of our service as and when you need our help.  You just pay for the service and the time used.  Nothing more, nothing less.

At DS legal we can help you whatever stage you are at. Whether this is drafting a consent order for the court to approve or helping to resolve disagreements, we can provide the support you need to tackle these difficult areas.

3. You stay in control of your case

You keep control of your case at every stage. Here’s some initial advice for managing the process:

  • Be organised. Set up a diary or buy one, so that you can keep up to date with letters, appointments and court dates
  • Set up an email account, so that you can send and receive communication quickly and efficiently.  Remember, this will also act as a record to confirm that you did send a document when you said you did
  • Give yourself time to read all letters and correspondence
  • Remember court dates and dates for filing documentation need to be adhered to, otherwise you may pay the price
  • Try not to let emotions affect proceedings – or stand in the way.  Remember you are not only the parent or ex partner – you are also the advocate now.

4. Make your first appointment with us

Remember good advice from the start will set you on the right path.  An overview of the law and a clear and concise outline of legal practice and procedure will be crucial.  At your first meeting with us, which we will charge £250 plus vat, after you can choose whether you or not you need any further help from us.  It is a ‘pay as you go’ service.

By law we are required to verify your identity. So at your first meeting with us, you will need to bring a passport or driver’s licence, and an up to date utility bill as proof of your address.

If you no longer need us, then that is fine. If you need more or less support, then we can meet those needs.

5. What can you expect from us?

  1. You will receive experienced and competent legal advice from senior family law specialists.  We give clear, no-nonsense advice
  2. We will keep records of all our meetings with you and what was discussed
  3. Should things become too much for you at any stage, we can act for you and take over responsibility of your case.  Remember until we do so, we do not act for you and will not be on any court record.  This will be your case, run by you
  4. We can sign-post you to other services, such as mediators, child experts, mortgage brokers and family therapists.

6. What will the ‘do-it-yourself’ package cost me?

We charge you for our time.  You pay for the amount of time you spend talking with us.  Our fees vary from £250 to £300 per hour, plus vat.  If you only use ten minutes of our time, that is all you pay for!  The length of the meeting depends upon you.  All fees are payable on the day and there are no further bills or hidden extras. Any court fees, postage etc., will be paid by you directly to the court.

The most common fees that you will incur will be:

Issuing a divorce petition – £550
Filing a Form A when financial matters have been agreed – £50
Issuing an application for financial relief – £255

Can we help you?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our ‘do-it-yourself’ package, please call Colleen or Mark on 01242 517949,  01792 892 692 or 01993 220651. Alternatively, please email us on enquiries@ds-legal.co.uk. We’re here to help.

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