Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse isn’t just about violent behaviour, victims can also experience verbal abuse and feel intimidated and controlled. In fact, the definition of domestic violence has recently been updated to include reference to emotional abuse and financial.

If you are a parent, you won’t be the only victim – your children will have to live through the abuse with you. When there are children in the household, they witness the violence that is occurring, and in eighty per cent of cases, they are in the same or the next room. In about half of all domestic violence situations, the children are also being directly abused themselves. feature-domesticabuseFor the victim, whilst the risk of staying with the abuser may be very high, simply leaving the relationship doesn’t guarantee that the violence will stop. In fact, the period when a woman is planning to make her exit, is often the most dangerous time for her and her children.

DS Legal is a specialist law firm with renowned experience in cases of domestic abuse. We can give you advice and support to protect you and your children and prevent further suffering. Protection is available for victims both under criminal law and civil law.

Our expert team has extensive experience in helping victims of domestic violence. Partner Mark Saunders is an accredited domestic violence legal specialist with over 20 years experience in this field. Mark and the DS Legal team work closely with local authorities, police and voluntary organisations on all type of domestic violence cases. We have the depth of experience to handle all manner of sensitive cases.

Costs and Legal Aid

If you are a victim of abuse, whether it is physical, emotional, psychological or financial you may be eligible for legal aid.  We hold legal aid franchises in all our offices and we can quickly assess and if appropriate devolve powers to ensure that you get the protection you need when you need it. We will assess you or personal circumstances and advise on whether you are eligible for legal aid.  If you own your own home or have additional assets we will advise on whether the statutory charge is likely to come into effect and provide you with an estimate of what that charge may be.  Alternatively, we will endeavour to provide you with a fixed fee, so that you do not have to worry about ongoing legal costs.

Can we help you?

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