An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) gives the local authority the power to remove your child or keep your child in a safe place for a specified duration. The EPO gives the local authority parental responsibility but this is limited to whatever is required to protect your child’s welfare.

An EPO is an extreme measure and is therefore used only in cases of emergencies, i.e. where your child is considered to be in imminent danger.

It is very important that if you find yourself in this situation you should contact either Mark  immediately so that we can advise, assist and represent you at the earliest opportunity.


Legal Aid is always available for parents in these cases and anyone else who holds parental responsibility (anyone with an order saying the child should live with them usually has parental responsibility).  Sometimes legal aid is also available for family members/carers even if they don’t have parental responsibility, but this will depend on various things including their income.

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