Divorce & Separation

At DS Legal we are used to dealing with complex and delicate family relationships which may have broken down. As specialist family lawyers we pride ourselves on our sensitive and confidential approach, offering support and advice at these most difficult times. We understand that divorce and separation can raise extremely sensitive and difficult personal issues, so we do our best to put you at ease.

Our specialist lawyers will be able to advise and guide you through any aspects of your separation, which may include minimising the impact of the breakdown on your children, if you have any, to financial arrangements and the fair division of any assets. We can guide you carefully through the process, smoothing out any issues and helping you avoid any legal pitfalls before they arise.

At DS Legal we are able to offer sensitive and appropriate advice and shall discuss with you at the outset the various options available, such as collaborative law, mediation or a more traditional approach based on your needs. In the unfortunate circumstances that matters can not be agreed, the court have a variety of orders available to deal with issues which simply can not be resolved by alternative ways of dispute resolution.

As members of the national family lawyers’ group Resolution (www.resolution.org.uk), we follow its Code of Conduct, so we’ll always see if an agreement can be reached through mediation in the first instance, without going to court. In some cases, court may be the only way forward, but we always seek to avoid the cost and emotional upheaval of court in the first instance.

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Please contact Colleen or LaurenĀ on 01242 517949 or 01792 892692 to find out more about the advice and support we can offer you. Alternatively, you can email us at enquiries@ds-legal.co.uk. We’re here to help.

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